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    Victorinox Swiss Army by Victorinox Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz (Men)

    Launched by the design house of Swiss Army in 1996, Swiss Army is classified as a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of fresh and tangy notes of citrus, blended with lavender, sweet spice and woodsy notes. It is recommended for office wear.SHIP FROM : USASHIP TO : USA, CANADAAverage Shipping days: 2 Overall Rating out of 5, based on 9 reviews Product Reviews Rating Posted 08/17/2023 Here's the pitch. Swiss Army Classic is that cologne you find in your sorta-nice friend's dorm room one night while you're waiting for him to come out of the shower so you can meet up with the rest of your sorta-real friends, after you haphazardly forgot to put some cologne on yourself, so you take a gander at his somewhat modest collection of fragrances and realize the usual crap just doesn't cut it for you anymore, and you'd maybe like to try something different, or more original.So you smell the caps of several bottles and pass on all his generic already-been-done-to-death signature Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren Polo fragrances and stumble upon Swiss Army Classic. What a sexy and unique bottle design!You spritz a little on your wrist and voila~you are sold.Now for some hard facts: There are two types of Swiss Army Classics. The original Swiss Army Classic (created by Victorinox--the one on this page) and the new Swiss Army Classic, or, the redone-formula-type Swiss Army Classic, sold by Swiss Army. The new formula is a little bit cheaper (cheaper than the Victorinox bottle on this page) but there's a reason! Swiss Army Classic is a casual fragrance, so the longevity already isn't THAT long (6 hours average), but with this new Swiss Army formula, it smells super synthetic and doesn't last nearly as long as the original Victorinox concoction. Buy the Victorinox Swiss Army Classic and you are guaranteed the real/original formula.My recommendation is to buy this fragrance because you will receive compliments (from men and women alike). This is more of a daytime & office-type fragrance but you can wear Swiss Army Classic whenever you want--it's that nice! And honestly, Swiss Army Classic most likely will not become your signature scent but it is 100% something I think every man should have as part of his collection. It's not musky. It's not overpowering. It's not super soapy-smelling. It's crisp and clean and original and super high quality.NB: This is something I wish reviews would actually say sometimes. I like to worry a lot. I like to think that if I am buying a fragrance on the internet for 1/3 of the retail price, I am going to be ripped off. This does happen, quite a lot, frankly. But as long as you are purchasing Swiss Army Classic (or any other fragrance) directly from and not some 3rd party retailer--you will be fine. I have purchased, now, over half a dozen signature fragrances directly from and have been 100% satisfied with all of them. No tampered package. No half-opened container. No missing serial number. 100% genuine products, every single time. So make sure it says: "Ships from and sold by" or else you risk the chance of getting a counterfeit or shoddy product. ∼ MYA Product Reviews Rating Posted 08/17/2023 This product is fake, don't buy this item, not even close to the original one that I had. The scent its definitely different smell, please don't ripped off you loyal customers this way, very disappointed, the worst part is that I can't even return this item according to Amazon policy. To everyone out there don't buy this item, not worth your money.... ∼ EVIE Product Reviews Rating Posted 04/20/2023 I enjoy trying new scents and tend to go for the cheaper sprays and Eau de Toillettes. I've found some very nice scents that I love and use often, but sadly this isn't one of them. It's not a bad scent but it's heavy on the lavender and bergamot, more than I expected and it's a bit much for me.It's a big bottle though, so if you like the scent, it's great for the price! ∼ NIKO Product Reviews Rating Posted 03/23/2023 I've been wearing this cologne for years and it is still my favorite by far. FWIW, I'm also into Jovan Musk, Drakkar, and Grey Flannel.This is the first time I've purchased from Amazon and am happy to have saved the dough. I had to pause though when I saw that there are apparently two different brands, both with the exact same look and everything...WTH??? Checked the almost empty one I have and sure enough, the label on the bottom says Victorinox so I bought this one and can't tell a bit of difference, though the label is different (it actually says Victorinox right on the front of the bottle) and so is the cap (but as far as the picture goes, so is the other one). Must be a new version, have had my old one for quite a while, well over a year for sure, if not two, so whatevs, am sticking with Victorinox. I might try the other one next time just for a test, but eh, might not. If anyone else has already, definitely let me know your thoughts. ∼ KOLTON Product Reviews Rating Posted 03/26/2023 I would recommend this cologne. It smells great and I love the way it smells on my husband. He loves it and even though the price keeps going up we still keep purchasing it. It’s definitely hard to find in the stores we used to buy it in. ∼ MAX Product Reviews Rating Posted 08/01/2022 When I got this it looks different from the original bottle that I got years ago and had the word Victorinox on the bottle. My original design bottle didn't have that on there which is no big deal. What I find interesting that I only pay $21.95 for it. But the bottle that I bought years ago cost $65. The both smell identical which is a nice thing and I am just happy that it's around to buy and at a great price. I only about 25 more sprays left of out of my old bottle. I have used a lot of colognes but this is the one that I love the best and had more compliments than all others when I wear it :) ∼ CORY Product Reviews Rating Posted 08/22/2022 Been upping my game lately, just started wearing scents. Bought this on a recommendation from a co-worker with a strong history of getting down. Price is great, it smells nice (to me, I'm pretty picky), girls love it (my female friends love it, and my latest GF goes crazy for it!), it sticks around for a long while, even the next day if I smell my clothes, and you get a long of juice in the bottle that will last me years!Great buy! 10/10! ∼ MATEO Product Reviews Rating Posted 08/25/2022 Simply the best cologne I’ve ever tried, this has been my daily and “weekend” cologne for over 10 years, it’s the only Cologne that I constantly get compliments on and it’s so inexpensive! Most people think I’m wearing some $80-$100 designer scent. Swiss Army is the Goat 🐐 of Men’s cologne hands down! ∼ BAILEY Product Reviews Rating Posted 12/31/2023 Oh man, this thing smells amazing! Like, it's all woody, fresh, with that soapy kick. The scent just takes over the whole room and sticks around for a solid 8 hours. Definitely gonna keep a bottle of this in my collection, no doubt. ∼ MUHAMMAD NUR HAKIM


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